What Happened To Customer Service?

What Happened To Customer Service?

Customer service is perhaps one of the greatest opportunities moments that businesses have. Simple techniques go a long way for people. And customer tolerance is a serious challenge for some. Accenture published and article that is definitely worth reading entitled “How Data-Driven Insights Optimize the Service Experience.” This is a must read article for anyone leading people in a service based…

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Response To Lance Armstrong

Response To Lance Armstrong

Here is my response to an article recently publish by ESQUIRE, entitled LANCE ARMSTRONG IN PURGATORY: THE AFTER-LIFE. This article had some moments that I thought would be great teachable moments for men who are seeking to be disciples and leaders. The article is quite long but I figured it was appropriate to extract a few comments directly from the article and 6 profound lessons:

LESSON 1: When…

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Can We Measure Awareness?

Can We Measure Awareness?

The following is a strategy game written by Colonel John Boyd, from his 1987 edition.  This game used in a military presentation on maneuverability actually adapted the F-17 in the now still manufactured F-16 and F-18 that revolutionized Air Combat.  I have used this game to illustrate our Awareness Intelligence (see the earlier post on AI) in an individual and illustrate both the AI Technique…

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Increase Customer Experience

Businesses that make customer experience a strategic priority sometimes struggle to carry out major long-lasting improvements. This is because they fail to connect behind-the-scenes activities to customer interactions. These firms need a new approach to customer experience management one that considers the impact of every single action from their central offices all the way down to every customer…

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Three Great Interview Questions

Three Great Interview Questions

Over the years I have interviewed, hired, and transitioned hundreds of employees. The following three questions I have received from a candidate are perhaps the most insightful and powerful. Each of these questions left me thinking, and the interviewer, very positively about the candidate. Here are three questions you can potentially ask at the end of your next interview that will leave a lasting…

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The Four Stages of Leadership Contribution - Where Do You Stand?

The Four Stages of Leadership Contribution – Where Do You Stand?

The Four Stages™ of Contribution Model developed years ago by Gene Dalton and Paul Thompson. This model identifies the stages in which leaders participate and develop and describes what high performance is in each stage—Contributing Dependently, Contributing Independently, Contributing Through Others, and Contributing Strategically.

This model has continued to influence leadership even today and…

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